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No: 24A Idrisa Road, 
Republic of Iraq.
Greetings to you in the name of our Allah i got your e mail through the help
of my nurse who scanned the internet and gave me your mail.
I am Mrs Mariam Khalid a devoted muslim,a new muslim convert of 74 
years old after being converted from a christian family by my husband
.For quite a good number of years now,I have been suffering from cancer 
of the breast and fibroid of the womb which has for a long time now affected 
my health and from all indications my condition is deteriorating by day and 
by my doctor's prediction I have less than six months to live.

My husband who is now late was killed during the US/British attack 
against the president of my country (Sadam Hussain).My late husband 
was a member of the contract award committee of the republican ministry of 
petroleum and resources of Iraq under the regime of Sadam Hussein

Throughout the period of my marriage with my husband,all efforts to 
bear children proved abortive because of my poor state of health.My 
husband was a very wealthy and influential man during the post war Iraq.
 After his death,I inherited all his wealth since he has no other next of kin.

Since it is now obvious that I may not survive my poor state of health, 
I have deemed it necessary to leave a legacy on Earth and give a 
positive account and justification of the life I lived on Earth before the Almighty Allah. 
This I want to achieve by committing part of this wealth in all 
sincerlity to fund , Islamic orphanages,widows and the less priviledge peoples 
all over the world. I know that afterdeath, I will be with ALLAH the most beneficent and the most merciful.
Please, note that this sum(us$35 Million) was securely deposited in a 
security/financial company overseas in my name by my husband . I have 
highlighted my attorney on the said sum and all the possible assistance 
he would render to you on the documents covering the money so as to 
enable you receive it as I cannot follow it up because of my ill 
health,this e mail is being written for me by the nurse in my private hospital.
Presently, my attorney is in Europe waiting for anybody willing.
I will also issue you a letter of authorization to anable the money be 
paid to you.I want you and the Muslim community and all servants of
the almighty where you reside to always pray for me .It does not matter your 
religion or wether i trust you but do actualize my dreams with this money for 
the sake of the almighty.My happiness is that i lived a life of a true devoted life worthy of emulation. 

Lastly, I honestly pray that this money when remitted to you will be 
judiciously used for the said purpose and you will take 10% as a 
compensation for your assistance in carrying out these humanitarian services.

Whoever wants to serve God must serve him in truth and in fairness. 
Please always be prayerful all through your life. Any delay in your 
reply will give me room to source for another person or a devoted muslim for
 this same purpose.Until I hear from you, my dreams will rest squarely on your shoulders. May the almighty ALLAH continue to bless you

Best regards.
Hajia Mariam Khalid.